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Hello Everyone

Okay, from this point on this is the new blog for my IVF adventures.  I had blogs for my Indian vacation for my friends and family who are not in “the know” about the surrogacy.  At this time, I’m only intentionally sharing this blog with people who are also involved with surrogacy, but if for some reason someone who knows me personally stumbles across this… I really don’t give a hoot:)  Seriously, the reason I’m not telling people that I know is because I don’t want them to ask me questions out of concern of sympathy.  I hate that kind of attention.  I just want to wait until I have some good news to tell the world what we’ve been going through. 

And to be honest, we’ve been through a lot!  I just prefer to talk about it with people that I barely know:)  I plan to use this blog to share my feelings and experiences.  I have read several blogs from candid writers about their experiences, and it really made me feel like I wasn’t ALONE.  Please feel free to email with any personal questions.  My personal email is